Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas at Portuguese Settlement

Was invited out this Christmas. Melaka is jammed everywhere. But luckily, wasn't that bad when I visited Portuguese Settlement. Took some photos of the there. Some might not be nice. I just tried to get as much as possible before my battery runs out. Enjoy~

Decorated hous along the way.

Road to the Portuguese Village

The Gate to Christmas

Lighting up those trees

...and the roofs

It's just like the faeries' land

Some Church's Garden

How many of you will decorate your car porch like this?

Two faeries dwarfs sitting on a see-saw

Raindeer guarding the fence.

"Ho ho ho! And a bottle of Rum!"

Is it a church or a residential bungalow?

The day when Jesus was born.

Take Two

Blue purplish tree.

How much electricity do you think this house is consuming?

How about this?

They really spend money on the decors.

I wonder Mother Mary would help out with the house's feng shui?

Dwarfs guarding the fire house.

Fire Tree

Playing hide-and-sick with Santa

Now you see, now you don't...

Can't really get a close-up on this.

Take away the car, you have a beautifully lit up houes.

Blur vision of the Starred ceiling.

Another blurred vision.

Did you see a sinister face on the tree?

Jingle Bells...

Jingle all the way.

You notice there's a name given to every Reindeer?

Ever wondered why Santa's cart is pulled by Reindeers?

Couldn't get a nicer view for this house.

Big Christmas Tree

Fire Tree

O' Hail Jesus!

Plaza Portueguese

One street decorated with lightings. Sponsored by the neighborhood.

A mixture of Blue and Yellow scene

Is Santa the evil wizard riding a horse?

Season's Greetings~

Merry Christmas~! 2008

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