Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Forgotten Scene...

Took alot of photos during my new year trip to A'Famosa. Took the fireworks there. With all the works and celebration around, I nearly forgot to post up these photos after those fireworks pictures.

Here are some photos of the scenery of the A'Famosa Hotel. Actually I just found out the hotel part. When I went there usually I would just went straight to the apartment part and missed out the hotel. This time I'm not the one who's driving and just happend my friend turn in to the hotel line.

Well, anyway, enough said. Enjoy the picture and comment. ^.^

Viewing afar of the hotel

They haven't get over Christmas yet.

It was still empty along the street.

Front View of the Hotel Lobby

Trying to make a good composition out of this scene, but failed.

Up ahead the Chandellar

Lighten up woodwork, nice!

The hidden pond

Center Chandellar

Reflection of the Chandellar

The Christmas Cookies House.

Behind the house

Not forgetting, their Christmas Tree

A look at their tea house

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