Saturday, February 28, 2009

One Year Old, Roadblogg!

It's the last day of February. The day when my mind hit a blockade that I have nothing else better to do. The day when this blog hit its first post!

I'm still not satisfied with the templates. It loads too slow. Will try to improve it better when I got the time. Besides that, since I had sold off my camera, post would be focus less on photos but more on animes. ^.^ But I still have some inventories left unpost will keep update soon.

Will also sign up for Pay Per Post later when I got my credit card. Was hoping that I could earn some money from my posts. Had some directions with the blog, just not doing enough to generate money. ^.^;;

It's been one year now, since I first started this blog. Would really hope that I could keep posting and popularize it!

Happy Birthday Roadblogg!

P.S. This post is post number 88. Which means this can bring me good luck?! ^.^

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