Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who is Danny Choo?

Have always been a loyal fan of of Dannychoo. Okay, I may not be that loyal, but yeah, I follow his site okay? ^.^;; For those who don't know him, I will just give a small idea. The rest you have to go to his site and read more.

Dannychoo is the son of JimmyChoo. Yup. The famous Malaysia shoemaker. Born in Malaysia, migrated to UK, worked in US and Japan, and finally settled down in Japan. Likes Japanese stuffs. Work in Microsoft & Amazon before starting his own business. Now he's living however he wants and he's every otakus' dream. ^.^

I've always wanted to try some of his stunts. Something like this video below, or this. Yet to get the time to do it. Have to wait till when it's not peak that time. ^.^;; Enjoy the video~

P.S: Actually the focus of this post is supposed to be more on the trooper, but I guessed I've just said enough about Danny Choo.^.^ Video hijacked from him too!

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