Monday, February 9, 2009

River Lantern Festival

Today is Chap Goh Mei. The 15th day of Chinese New Year and it's also the last day of our celebration day. Apparantly, I would be on field job in client's place somewhere very far away from town. Yes I'd pre-written this post before I left for work.

There's nothing much I can do except work even though it's Chap Goh Mei. The 15th Lunar Day is also the Chinese's Valentine Day. Single girls will throw orange into the river and be scooped up by single guys. (At least the story is somewhat like that.) I'm not really sure about the actual ceremony. For what I know, I'm not getting any orang from Melaka River this Chap Goh Mei. ^.^;;

Talking about river, been to Melaka River Mouth where they had spend some millions or ringgit just to decorate the place in occassion to celebrate Chinese New Year. Caught some photos of it. Enjoy~

The Big Dutch Ship Night View

Dragon Tail in the waterfront

Lighted up Flowers.

The Sultan Melaka Muzium

The most significant symbol of Melaka

The Kampung Scene

A view of the waterfront plaza

Wanna take a swim?

Riverview across

Jetty for boat ride across

Trishaw Front View

The Kampung House

Bullock Cart without the bull pulling

Modern Trishaw


... and mushroom

From another angle

A'Famosa with its two cannon

Melaka got camel meh?

Is this Eye of Malaysia or Eye of Melaka?

Out-of-theme scene. Seriously I never seen camel in Melaka.

Dragon beside Menara Taming Sari

Dragon head

Another shot

I've yet to been into this ship.

Why got snail here also?

Topography of Melaka River

The Melaka Cruise River Jetty

A night view of the river

For use of Special People

Special Toilet Sign

Overall, I would say the place wasn't really well design. They don't really have the Chinese New Year Theme or an objective. Those lanterns were placed there for the sake of placing there. It's more like they wanted to portray the small Melaka in that small dataran area, but suddenly a Dragon beast came out of nowhere. But no doubt, the dragon is the main attraction there that capture the attention of all passerby.

They say that the Melaka Government is very rich. For me, I would say that they are short in their plannings. No doubt, Melaka had attain World Heritage Recognition, achieved city status, and many other developments. But they don't really have a good city planners. Roads are still narrows, housing development just mushroomed anywhere you like without proper planning, mall left empty, damn many traffic lights along one lane to name a few. There are still alot of mismanagement. The State government have long way to go. Maybe I should write a post on underdevelopment and overdevelopment of Melaka one day.

Till then~ 捞柑啰!

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