Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chinese New Year Lunch with Client

Was on field in clients place during the last few days before Chinese New Year. Our client was so kind to invite us to their Chinese New Year Celebration Lunch. They have it in their factory, squeezing about 6 - 8 tables along the corridor accommodating about 120 people inside. Lucky the place is fully air-cond, and it's a very cold one too!

All wear reds

Everybody is so excited

The dishes is your "normal" Chinse New Year celebration dishes, where you have a cold dish, sharkfin, prawns, chickens, duck, etcs. Can't really remember all the dishes name. What i'm more interested to tell you here is the programs prepared by their club committee!

You know they have what?! A God of Fortune!

God of Fortune distribute Ang Pau!

Yam Seng with Chai Shen

Take a photo with our client

Another photo for rememberance.

Apparantly inside the Ang Pau has no money inside, instead it contains a lucky draw number. My number was 8837. Unfortunately,the drawn number just missed my number. Haiz.. 8836 and 8838 was drawn but not my number. >.<" I guess, this year I don't have much luck. Just have to continue work hard...

Will be celebrating the Chinese New Year for 15 days till 9th of February. But I've already started work on day 4. Wish all of you again a Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year!!!

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