Monday, December 15, 2008

Tony Roma Bite!

Was in KL with my mentor helping him up with his job. We were in Sunway Pyramid looking for a printing station to print some name cards. To our surprise, such a big shopping complex, there were none! After rounding the whole complexe for almost 3 hours, dinner hit us. It's time to fill up and rest our legs. Thanks to my mentor's generousity, he treated me Tony Roma! Yeay!

What is Tony Roma?Excerpt from Wikipedia.

Tony Roma's is a casual dining chain restaurant specializing in baby back ribs. The first location was established in 1972 in North Miami, Florida, by the eponymous founder, and today there are roughly 260 locations in 27 countries comprising 32 territories.[3][4] Tony Roma's slogan is, "Famous for Ribs," "Famoso por Costillas," or "Fameux pour côtes levés," depending on the language.
According to my mentor, they are actually famous for it's pork ribs. Unfortunately due to compliance with Halal Standards, they don't serve Pork in the restaurant. Instead, beef were substitute and I couldn't try it because of my religion. Anyway, it was said that it taste so good that you can even finish its bones!... I wonder. Next time if I got the opportunity, I want to try it at Thailand or Singapore where they serves PORK! ^.^

The table setting.

Yup! You read that right. Best of American casual dining. And I though it was fine dining. -.-"

Their four original saurce with its variance flavours.

Saurce to put with the bread.

Toast bread

Looking out of the view.

... from another POV

The table opposite was reserved for a family.

It's ambient lightings.

... making the ambient interior.

... giving the scene of a little warmth romantic environment.

The restaurant interior design

Overlooking out the Sunway Lagoon Park

Fish & Chips had been served.

Beef rips and the choice of rice and sweet sour pickles?


They are really generous with the lemons. Everything that had something to do with lemons, they will at least provide half of a piece. As for the iced lemon tea, they are refillable! The price of both our food come to about RM100+ which is quite reasonable considering the big portion that they serve. All in all, it taste good! Thanks again boss! ... and about the fine dining thingy... I think I really can't afford it. :P

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