Tuesday, December 30, 2008

MLM - More Love Making?

How many of you had hear / joint MLM before? Surely many had dip their feet inside. I, personally had soaked myself in but pulled myself out. Having some experience in this, I've concluded this:

  1. If I'm good with my interpersonal skills, I would join.

  2. If I'm confidence of getting many downlines aka zombies/followers, I would join.

  3. If' I'm freaking rich, I would join.

Anything other than that, I will just pass. Not to say I'm anti-MLM. I know the concept; I have the open mind to accept it; I just think that it's not my "rice bowl". I do join their motivation talk. Something that other people are paying for like a few hundreds or thousands of bucks just to listen Anthony Robbin's speech, my friends are paying it for me. It's refreshing when you got hype up with their fire when life's down and out. But that's also depends on who's giving the speech.

Saw this comic stripe in StockTube. Really sarcastic and funny. Wanted to share with you. Enjoy~

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