Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Mood

It's Holiday Season and I'm sure everybody is starting to have their holidays. You can see Melaka is always packed with cars. Imagine just a small town, you have to get stuck in a traffic jam for more than ONE HOUR! And you can't get any parking lots.

That aside, it's the year end and time to take a break out and enjoy. Here's some photos of how shopping complex are celebrating this Christmas.

A Chapel Scene in Mahkota Parade

Fire trees in 1 U

Looking down the maze below

There are making like an Alice in Wonderland Theme

...But where's the Queen of Hearts and her soldiers?

Side decors

Bird Caged Decors? in The Garden

That's one hellofa tall Christmas Tree

The main decors in the center concorse in The Garden

One View across the mall

There's Trees everywhere.
I think they are going Green this year.

There's cages everywhere, but no birds nor leopards

Greenish sidewalks

Looking across the floors.

Did the cats ran out of the cage?

Contrast view of the decors

trying to get the depth of field effect.

There's cages even at its end of the buildings

A nice cute doll decors

You sure have to join the fun right?

There's band in the afternoon

Second look at the area.

This looks like Royal London Circus in Midvalley

Hollow ring above the trees?

The doorway looks like a mouth for the clown

Elephant hiding behind the trees

Trees fully decorated and lited

A cute Christmas Tree with Santa at C More Cafe

It's been awhile since I last celebrate Christmas. After graduating, most of my friends had left. Yet to have any plans this year. Wish that I have SOME money and can change the environment~

Anyway, I wish everybody Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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