Monday, December 22, 2008

Annual Dinner

What's it like in your company's annual dinner? After you've been serving your company for one whole year, does your company rewards you a dinner or so for being loyalty to them? I heard some companies went for KFCs. Other employers would treat their employees in restaurants.

Our company this year, celebrated its 40th birthday in KL Hilton. Okay, you guys must be saliva-ing there. But well, in short, the food was not so great, the performance was kind of lame... But the good news is, it's FREE, you get PRESENTS and GIFTS. Last but not least... the chicks there are super HOT!!!

Okay, potong itu ketam! Let's go to the first lady who hit my camera! ^^


Karen & Su Wei

The girls and the lady killer, Chen Hau

No. I'm neither Bond nor Lady Killer.

Dude! We are finally here. Yes!

Tristal, the first time I met her.

I told you his the lady killer right.

Okay, this is what girls do everytime we go dinner k?

Yo Wassup? Gabriel.

Maureen & Mary

With Mei Lian

... and now he's hitting on Mary

From left, Maureen, Ka Wai, Mary and Jasmine

Two Beautiful Ladies

Okay, Jasmine's turn.

It's so hard to get a chance to take a photo with Yaw Ming

He's the popular guy, and everybody loves him.

Yes, Mary is holding my hand, and I'm in cloud 9...NOT!

S.H.E. Deloitte Version?

Yo yo yo! This is Bro Wei Tat!

With Loke Suan, Orang Kampung

Who's this familiar girl?

UNI-mates, Aisha and Yen Pheng

Maybe this is kind of late, but anyway, Happy Birthday Deloitte! Thanks for the free food. ^.^ *Grin*

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