Friday, December 5, 2008

KL Street

Hopped on a LRT + Monorail and reached Sg Wang 1 evening after my KL training. It was so busy everywhere and happening. I was so amazed with the street lights and neons all around that I impatiently bought out my camera and start firing all the way. Some of the pictures were really nicely composed. Since it was late at night and I have little time to snap, I just took mainly those streets that I passed by. Enjoy the pictures.

It's a billboard world.

One of the busiest street in town.

The traffic light.

KL Tower from afar.

Busy street.

Bintang Walk

The Ship across.

There's cars and buildings everywhere!

Noticed that nearly all of my photos have taxis?

Sunway Lagoon mascot in the middle of the city?

Monorail station.

Next time, wanna bring a few of my photographer friends along to take some night shots. Haha.. Taking alone is too boring.

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