Saturday, May 10, 2008

Study week & Designs

It is a damn hot days. Assignments are just finished and it's time for exams. After graduate and I'm out to serve the society. Will have to be independent and earn my own living. But that is 4 more weeks away.

Now I'm really frustrated with the weather. It's so damn hot and there are no rain for the past few weeks. How am I going to study in this humid room? For a few times, I nearly throw my temper for nothing just because it's so tension.

In such condition, I couldn't really concentrate on my study. To pass some time, I just did some designing on those photos that I've taken of my friends. Was planning to make a photo book for autographs. I hope that I could print it in time and get the others to sign it. Hahaha...

Joan enjoying her food

Zin Fui slurping his mango ice

Miki in secret garden

Jia Wei, Mei Qi, Jamie and Helen

Raul the leader of Team V~

Was facebook hoping when I saw Ming Mei's profile photo. It was very nice with her picture superimpose on nicely designed magazine front covers using MagMyPic. So I had decided to try with my own picture. All comments are welcomed. ^.^

I'm graduating dude!

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