Sunday, May 4, 2008

Holiday in Pulau Perhentian Part III

Had been busy lately with assignments, accounting night and photo takings till I had nearly forgotten about the last part of my trip to Pulau Perhentian. Also the most important part of all, the under water world!

Maybe some of you have been waited for this post for so long that you are tired and just want to get straight to the sea voyage, so I will just post up the photos and videos of those which I think is interesting.

First off, a group photo for remembrance. Yes we are required to wear life jacket at all times during the boat travel. It's for safety purpose. But actually, it is not easy to sink down in sea water compare to our fresh water in swimming pool. This is because sea water have higher density. Nevertheless, the life jacket helps you to float alot easier...

Before going for snorkeling, you need to learn how to use the snorkeling equipments! We were brought to a shallow area where we practice to breath with our scuba eQs. Wasn't really difficult, but considering that if you are short sighted, that would be a slight problem because you won't be able to see far. Either you wear a contact lense to compensate it or the other alternatives is use a powered goggles. Shelly had her contact lense on so she's able to use the snorkeling eQs. I don't use one, so I have to improvised with my powered goggle.

Feeding the fish. One of the attraction of snorkeling under the sea is while you feed the fish with breads, you get to touch all kinds of colourful fishes. Thanks to my waterproof camera bag, I am able to take some of the beautiful photos below. Even some shots which we were not able to go down under the sea bed, thanks to our guide who is able to dive down to help me take those beautiful pictures.

Guide feeding the fish

Stingray hidden under the rock

Gian Sea Clam

Underwater Sea Reefs

Squids on the sandy sea bed

Beautiful islands with clear crystal water

Underwater coral reef

More underwater coral reef

Finding Nemo? Found!

More coral reef

Life under water

The beautiful scenes underwater

Underwater mushroom?

Snorkelling in Pulau Perhentian

Some scene wasn't complete by just taking photos, so I've decided to take some videos as well. Though, the videos are that well taken. But I guess, if the contents tell the story, it should be good enough for a noob like me. ^.^

Scenery under the clear water

Those two took me ages to upload. I hope it worth it. The best way to experience is to go there and have fun. Just by watching pictures and videos is not fun enough. I hope next time I can have another trip. It was refreshing!

Oh yeah! On our way back imagine what we bought. 2 full box of Keropoks! Since in Pulau Perhentian there are nothing much to buy. The only shop that we enter was this keropok shop by the road side on the way to Kota Bahru. The fish crackers was nice and they have both fried or raw types. All pre-packed nicely. The fried crackers marinated with home-made chili sauce was damn nice. We've actually clear the whole basket of crackers on display. They must be damn happy of us buying so much. Haha..

Packing all the fried fish crackers into 2 boxes

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