Thursday, May 15, 2008

Photo outing in MMU

The last class had finished. We are not going to see each other till our coming exam. Holly, we should get some photos of our school and each other for remembrance!

The setting: MMU
Time: 8.00pm
Cast: Shelly, Joan Koh, Zin Fui, Eng Khee, Seok Fung and yours sincere...

Actually the time wasn't really suitable for photo shots as it's kind of dark. And MMU is kind of stingy that they off their lights even on frequent travel corridors. However since that's the only time that everybody is free we just take some snapshots. The posing were mostly the brainchild of Shelly and me.

A classical pose of cook-coo clock style

Wanted to try this picture with the fashion pose style. But I guess I'm not so good at directing yet. Plus I don't have a tripod which leads to the blurry of this shot.

Fashion style?

We were her in FBL

Glued to the wall

Black & White Box-in

Thanks for reading. ^.^

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