Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pork Chop!

Not too long ago, went to Wok & Pan after the photo shooting session in MMU. By the time we finish our session it was about 9pm and we were damn hungry. Planned to eat in Tribe Hous but they don't offer much choice except for some Mee Maggie which cost a bomb! :P Others are drinks and liquors. Will show some photos later after I sort out it out.

Anyway, Wok & Pan is just opposite Tribe Hous. The food is good. Other than the normal western food, they serves our traditional local foods such as fried rice and mee goreng. But it's quite some time since the last chance I get to eat western food, I've decided to order Pork Chop! Something that you don't usually get to see in cafe here Melaka. Most cafes in Melaka try to serves "halal" food even though they don't have the halal sign.

Talking about eating pork, do you know that pork is much more "organic" than chicken? A chick can grow up to the size of a mature hen in less than a week by injecting hormones. Whereas pigs are not injected, according to one of my pig farmer relative. How far is true I'm not very sure. What I am sure is that, Wok & Pan serves the best Pork Chop I've ever eaten!

Top View of my Fried Pork Chop with sweet sour spicy sauce

Front view

Grilled Pork Chop with Thousand Island sauce... I think ^.^;;

Take another shot

Forgot what flavour is this.

The portion is quite big and it cost about RM6.50 per plate. I would say quite worth it. Will come back to see other food they serves next time. 

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