Saturday, April 26, 2008

Accounting Night Photos!

Wasn't suppose to go for the Accounting Night Organized by our class captain, Pierre. But after some long long considerations, persuasions, instigations, mitigation, negotiation and evaluations... Finally, I'm there.

I'm not the official photographer. My digicam wasn't the best. Only a Nikon S51 unlike Koon Yew's (0fficial photographer) Canon's pro-cam. All photos are taken using indoor/party scene with fill in flash. Some photos turn out to be orange-ish while other turn out okay.

Slide shows generated from Picasa Web Album. The photos can be downloaded from here. I'm sorry for those that I cannot send you the photos because I don't know your email address. Please send me an email for photos requests at Thanks. Enjoy the slide show! ^.^

After seeing all these photos I realize landscape photos are better taken than portraits. The background isn't important anymore. Also putting your legs in the photos makes you small. >.<" Download the photos from my Picasa Web Album here again!

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