Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Holiday in Pulau Perhentian Part II

Continuing from the previous post Holiday in Pulau Perhentian Part I, we were on our boat ride to Pulau Perhentian. The ride was rough. Since our boat is a small tour boat about 20 ft long and 5 ft wide (estimated), it was riding high and low on the sea waves toward our destination. Imagine we are actually riding a roller coaster across the South China Sea. Our boat was riding up on the high waves when suddenly there was a trench and our boat crash down bumping our butt on the wooden seat. Pain! But everybody enjoy the ride. ^.^

Leaving Kuala Besut

Rough waves splashed when our cut accross the South China Sea

Side view of the boat ride.

Enjoying the ride~

Reach our destination finally

As you can see the water is so crystal clear that you can see the mud bed below. Unlike our Malacca River so "Nescafe".

Upon reaching the shore, we were quite exhausted but happy. Our adventure is going to start and we are very excited of it. Lucky the tide were high and our boat was able to land near to the beach or else we would need to walk through the mud for a long distant.

The first thing we were greeted when we step food on the island -- Food! We were really like hungry wolves not eaten for 3 months. We were served tom yam soup, mixed vegetables, sweet and sour chicken, sambal squid and fried egg.

In no time, the plate were empty. We even ordered another plate of egg because it just wasn't enough for all of us. But anyway, the food was nice and we really enjoy it.

Eating till the last bit.

After food, it was just rest and relax. The sun was hot and we just stay under the shades. Taken some photos of the beach. Back home here, you can only find rough sands and brown sea. But here, it's a blue sea and white fine sand. There's one word to describe it -- Tengoku 天国!

A view of our resort.

More beach view.

Another view of our resort.

The front information counter where you can rent snorkeling equipment or rent a boat taxi to travel around. There are actually many this kind of services around the islands so you don't have to worry of not having any transport but the price isn't cheap.

Apparantly I couldn't continue uploading all the photos so I would just stop here. There are more photos of the beach which I will share later.

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