Friday, April 11, 2008

Unread blogs

Just break out from the normal routine. All my test had just finished. I've post up 2 post on my Pulau Perhentian Trip, part 1 and part 2. Next up will be part 3 so stay tuned. Haven't really been very active lately in the cyber space. Mainly due to laziness. Dreaming all this while. Felt kind of lost.

And beside, the behind neighbor (diagonally right of my house) is renovating his house. As a result, noise pollution is tremendously high and had been affecting me and my brain. All the Ping Ping Pong Pong Piang is driving me crazy. No doubt getting angry over it will make me lose my brain faster. It's not the workers fault because it's their job to break down things with the drills and sledge hammers. How I wish that I could hold on of them and break the whole house up into pieces. Seriously, this house had been renovated for so many times that it is driving the whole neighborhood nuts! I wonder why the owner even bother to renovate it since they seldom stay in the house! The house had been renovated for more than 5 times and during this years of staying in my house (nearly 24 years) I have yet to even see the owner before nor do I know the family's surname.

Am reading all those blog post now. I've lost touch of it alot and there's more than 1000 unread post. See screenshot. Subscribed to financials, news politics as well as many friend's blog. Do you know lately politicians started blogging now? The latest politician blogger was our Malacca's Chief Minister Mohd. Ali Bin Rustam. His blog which was very simple could actually get 146 comments just within 2 days (whereas mine couldn't even get more than 3 comments in 3 months>.<"). The National Front had lost must of their power in the 8th March Elections and they are now aware of the Power of Blogs! So if blogs can help you win in political positions, how about using it in your business?

Enough said, back to reading.

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