Thursday, April 3, 2008

List to do after MDS Test...

This test is driving me crazy! But after this it's fun time again! There's alot of things I need to get it done by this week.

  1. Prepare my CV. Going to search for a job. Career Fair is coming next week.
  2. Blog about my Pulau Perhentian Trip. It's been 3 weeks past and yet to prepare my draft. There's so many photos to upload!
  3. BBQ party this coming Saturday. Gonna go shopping for food. After that have to design a new creation of sandwich!
  4. Go for a movie. Upcoming movies: The Three Kingdoms and L Change the world. The previous movies wasn't interesting. It's been long since I last step into a cinema.
  5. Design autographs. There are many photos left unedited. Hope I can finish it in time. Terence had done a good job on a video about our class.
  6. Finish those 3 books I borrowed from library. I've borrowed it for more than 2 months and have not read halfway. Cost me RM3.60 of fine already due to late renews.
  7. Assignments assignments. Time to rush those assignments before due date.
Below photo slide by Terence Tan. Great job Terence!

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