Friday, April 4, 2008

Holiday in Pulau Perhentian Part I

During our midterm break, we went for a holiday break in Pulau Perhentian. Since it was the last semester of study. After that I would be joining the workforce and contribute to the community which would last for like thirty or forty years... I wouldn't be getting any holidays if I'm working. Imagining I would become a workaholic freak.

There are about 400+ over photos which I will upload batch by batch. This post would be the introductory post.

We started our journey very early in the morning. About 2.30am on Sunday (18th March 2008). The team member, Shelly, Zhu, Seok, Joan, Ivan (Joan's bf), Jing Yi, Steven and yours sincere.

Apparently we reach LCCT around 4.30am and it's already been crowded by sleeping beauties and sleeping beast all over the floor. didn't take photos of them cause it's kind of rude. Our flight was 7.30am and we were supposed to check in one hour earlier, still it was too early and there's nothing much to do around. We just hang around in the toilet, the food court nearby and Mc Donalds.

Shelly & Zhu having Mac Breakfast.

Wanted to try their chicken wrap but was not available. End up having the Mac Muffin set with coffee. Personally I don't quite like the Mac Breakfast. Prefer the normal ones, Mac Chicken Deluxe, Fillet-O-Fish anyway I tried the Chicken wrap later and found it nice too! ^.^ One thing I noticed, whenever you go anywhere and you find that the local food are not so appetizing or it's just not worth the money, the first choice would be McD if there's one. They had build a very strong brand.

Off to the plane. First in line...Not! This is just a setup photo. Wanted to take this for remembrance since it's my first time taking the plane unlike some of you who had been flying all over the world. ^.^
Another shot for remembrance. LCCT - Kota Bahru by Air Asia at total RM128.98 per person.

Flying up high and overlooking Klang Valley.

Viewing Kuala Lumpur City from above.

In cloud 9 flying in the sky.

We reached Kota Bahru around 9.15am. Everybody was kind of tired due to the long hour journey. From early morning 2.30am, 2 hours of van ride to LCCT, 1 hour flight and then another hour from Kota Bahru to Kuala Besut where our boat is waiting for us.

A shot of the main roads of Kota Bahru. You can see Kampung houses everywhere along the main road. The main road is just like our Melaka housing area's road. There are only 2 lane and houses besides are just 3 feet away before reaching their doorsteps. Mind you, the driver is driving at 120kph at this kind of road!

Eating and posing during the ride.

"This jelly is nice!" said Joan.

"Yeah! It's delicious!" -Ivan

Spy shot on the foreign girl sitting beside. Our car actually had some problem starting so we actually car pooled with the other group of people who are going somewhere I don't know. Redang maybe. ^.^

Finally we reach our third pit stop, Restoran Makanan Laut Lucky. This is where our tour guide meet us and pick us up. Those who have not done their business, this is the last place or else you just have to do it in the sea.

Lucky Restaurant's Signboard.

Mr Ong, one of the owner of the tour agency to Pulau Perhentian.

Kuala Besut Jetty

Final preparation to board our boat. Sunglasses, cap, sunblock all ready.

Our tour guide and boatman helping us on board.

Pulau Perhentian here we come!!!

Next up, the boat ride, paradise, islands, beach and bikini girls?

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