Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thinking of Eating Japanese Food

It's been a while since I had my Japanese Cruisine. It was in Kluang at that time when I visited my cousin. Visited Idori Sushi~

Take a sip~ Ah~ The freshness of green tea warmly soak up your mouth quenching your thirst. Yes I prefer warm tea rather than cold tea even though the taste is still the same. The cold tea would actually freeze the food in my stomach and make me hard to digest. I would eventually have stomach pain. >.<"

A typical serving in a Japanese restaurant, you would see the shoyu sauce, wasabi and toothpick? It's so elegantly made with ancient Chinese writing?

The settings are romantic as well. Further inside there's individual private room for people who don't want to share the public atmosphere.

Here's the counter, nicely decorated. Usually a typical would have seats in front of the counter and the chef would serves fresh sushis. You can see how they demonstrate their skills. ^.^

The boss actually spend alot of money decorating this place. I guess the whole restaurant would nearly cost them a million or two for such designs. But in a small town like Kluang? Well, they're just too rich aren't they? ^.^

With plates like this, it's just so authentic! >.<" There's poem on your plate and it's with chop sign some more! Food have become poetic eh?
From a different perspective. Wanted to go look closer at the ship. But just plain too tired to walk around. Besides, mum said we need to sit properly in our seat during every meal? Table Manners? ^.^;;

While I can't make out what's the last word which is written in old chinese/japanese. It's actually the name of the restaurant -- Idori Sushi.

So as I was saying, the setting is nice, the tableware is so classic. Everything looks so classy liek you are in a fine dining restaurant. So where's the food?! O.o"

Really long time din't go for a Japanese Food already. After reading Myhorng's Tenji Japanese Buffet, really determine to go eat liao la~! Wazen! After my exam I will go! ^.^

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