Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Treblefun Tutelage Training Class

Previously in Treblefun Tutelage Mind Power Introductionary Talk, I've covered the event that happended, the mascot and the girls... Now fast forward 1 week later, the Treblefun Team were preparing for the class.

Last minute cutting out the training kit

All hands on deck... to help prepare the training kit

Ready pages are aligned on the floor for compilation

A row of the training kit nicely arranged

A peep inside the training kit

The kit includes a CD

Tai Sou at work

Writing down each and every of the participant's name

A view inside the classroom

Another clearer view of the classroom

Aya curi2 eat pau in the reception

A brief introduction of the class before we begin

"Let's see some demonstration!"

Deep in concentration

Even the back can stick

The teacher is explaining how to use the book

"Boys & Girls, why are you all reading your books so high?"

Tea Break. You will always feel hungry after concentrating too much.

Looks like everybody is enjoying their food

Enjoying our meal outside the class

Nice scene

Another shot outside

After all those hardwork... finally a break.

The first part of the class was demonstration and explanation + some food temptation ^.^. The teacher taught us the basic of breathing and concentration. After that we are into practical! The first exercise was trying to focus our concentration. To test our concentration, we would try to stick a spoon on our forehead. The place where we focus our concentration the most. Which much luck and determination, you are on your way to obtaining "superpowers".

Yup! He did it. No string attached!

"Now everybody try"


Let's try everybody

Yeah! That's the way!

Don't fall asleep...

He's trying the 2nd spoon...

2nd right up!

She can even move while it's sticking!

The magnetic Girl

Stan Lee, your next super hero should her!

"Do I looked like a triceratop with its horn stick to its face?"

After the spoon practice, next is the blind fold reading. Students are told to close their eyes and try to concentrate. By trying to feel with their palm, they can "visualise" the cards on the table.

First you try to read picture cards

Match them with its pairs...

Then you try to read Poker Cards!

The same way, match them with its pairs...

Deep in concentration...

100% match!

Training to be the next God of Gable

...This is how Chow Yun Fatt (God of Gamble) looks like when he's young

Is he praying or is he concentrating? ^.^"

Okay he looks like he's praying...

You can even smell the card

Illidan Stormrage is training his visual

The Duke of Gamble is in training mode

Focus... Focus... Focus...

After reading cards, he read books by closing his eyes!

It's dark when you close your eyes, so we have to use a torch light

Reading chinese letters with 1 finger

Duchess of Gamble in training

Everybody is so excited after gaining their new superpower

The Duke of Gamble is demonstrating his new super power

Showing off to their parents

Look mum! I have new super powers!

After a hard day's work, finally we all ended up having the result that we expected. Hopefully the children would put their new "Super Power" into good use like learning and studying for their exams. However, Uncle Lim this is our disclaimer: If you find that your casino is losing money in the next few years time, don't blame us! It's not our fault. We are just trying to train some God of Gambles for the next coming Olympics!

For more information of the class, you can go to Treblefun's Website.

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