Monday, August 18, 2008

Sake Sushi

After went to the our graduation rehearsal events, no I don't wanna talk about our graduation rehearsal. It was one of the most crappy day of my life where you have to run here and there, alot of queing, squeezing, cheating and sweating just to get our ID verified, our graduation robes and invitation card. The whole precious 3 and a half morning hours wasted in this 3 simple steps. Not to mention I even had to waste an off day for it.

Back to the original title, we stopped by Sunway Pyramid for our lunch before driving back to Melaka. Ever since Pyramid 2 finish renovated I hadn't set a foot inside was curious how's it looks like inside. We were so hungry and tired when we reach there. Everything looks new to us and we wonder around the place finding our restaurant. Lucky there's alot of information stand near main entrances and there's this kind lady guard who pointed the direction to us or else maybe we would be starve to death before reaching Sakae Sushi...

Sushi with green tea...Best!

The 2 pretty ladies that accompanied me.

Sushi in a row


More sushi

Even more sushi!

Su Yen... The wasabi Freak!

Nyok Foong caught in action.

Blue flaming cooker

Sukiyaki! Yay!

Chicken Sukiyaki!

Carrots, Chicken meant, Asparagus and many more...

Show a peace to say you love sushi!

A sweet V, taste as sweet as the Sukiyaki~

What's cooking?

Ops! All gone!

"Last time I eat the whole pot but now only get a small bowl?"

Random Sakae~

Cheers with Su Yen

Kampai with Nyok Jie~

Really thanks to Su Yen and Nyok Foong for this lunch! Hope that next time we can eat together again. The food really nice hor?! Finally get to taste Sukiyaki, next time wanna order the bigger bowl 1. Hehee...

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