Friday, August 15, 2008

J.Co Bite!

Finaly! I get to drop by at J.CO Donuts & Coffee after much temptation from friends blog... I finally get to try one of the famous donuts!

Green and Simple Design

Da Vin Cheez as to Da Vin Ci?

1/2 a dozen of donuts

Manggo Blitz

Crunchy Crunchy... more like Coco Crunch to me... :P

Al Caponne


Tira Miss U

Berry Blue

A last look at the donuts before I bite!

Doraemon Mooncake!

Doraemon Mooncake expiring at 1.10.08

After tasting this few donuts, my conclusion is that those heavily creamed donuts would dull your taste bud with its sweetness. Al Caponne and Oreology taste just nice! Big Apple is coming to Melaka town in Dataran Pahlawan. I wonder J.Co will join in the race?

Mooncake Festival is coming after the hungry ghost month! Have you get your mooncake? Last year I bought a set from Amway, their Corn Flavour taste very nice! Yong Sheng's red bean taste perfect too! I wonder this year what am I going to get... Any suggestions?

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