Friday, August 8, 2008

Pee Fen's Birthday

It was Pee Fen's birthday on the 23rd of July. Me, Seok & Jeremy planned a surprise celebration for her. Initially we had Jeremy brought her to the Kota Laksama's Famous Tandoori Chicken for dinner after her work. The girl thought that her boyfriend is just fullfilling his responsibility just like other guys bringing her out to celebrate for her alone on her day. She asked him to bring him back to change clothes before coming to town. >.<" But oh well, it's be awhile since we last gather together and we manage to surprise her.

And she was so excited that she couldn't wait to open her cake!

Since the Kota Laksamana's Famous Tandoori Chicken is famouse for-- Tandoori Chicken, so each of us we ordered-- Tandoori Chicken la! ^.^ ... and with the flour bread.

Plain Flour Bread

Fresh Tandoori Chicken

Our orders which filled up the whole table

I ordered my flour bread with cheese and garlic

After our dinner, the place was too crowded and there's not too much people around there. In short, not suitable to cut the cake. So we decided to go for a second round. And we ended up in GoGoKTV, though we din't actually book a room.

Some view of outside the KTV area

Lighting up the palms

He's too excited isn't he?

Our birthday girl!

More lightings during the night

"You wan a piece of me?"

The happy couple

Finally the cake is table out

Girl! We don't pray the cake, we eat them!

No forks and knife are served, we just have to use our mouth to eat

A closer view of the cake

Okay finally we got a plastic knife

"Eat up!"

It's delicious! Tiramisu Flavour!

Special thanks to Seok Fung for organizing this gathering. Hope Pee Fen is happy with it! And enjoy your cake!

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