Wednesday, November 26, 2008

They blog so much!

Finally, I can find some time to READ BLOGS! Boy there were so many blogs to read. Not to mention all those News site that I subscribed in my Google Reader, the other General Interest Blogs, Informative Blogs, etcs... Even those Personal Blogs are pilling up!

Last night, I chatted with Wish. She was telling me that she's in Underground Chatting and I was wondering what's this Underground Chatting's about... >.<" Then she asked me, "You got read my blog or not?" I stunned there. " No I din't." I answered. As I checked her list of post in my Reader, it's already been 21 unread. -.-"swt.

This morning I saw Yshin's status wrote "Sleepy @ Work". Asked her about her new job, she said it wasn't a new job. She just went back to her previous workplace. Highly demanded employee eh?! When I checked out her blog, she also had posted up the news.

I was the last person to know everything. Times flies really fast. Really long time din't catch up with Bloggers around. Even some of the bloggers I had lost contact with them.

Now continue work hard... to read blog. -.-"

Blogs now read and counting...

NyOK Nyok Paradise (Wish) 21 unread...
Jason Mumbles (Jason) 7 unread...
miao~ (Akiraceo) 7 unread... (4 more in new site.)
Robin (Robin) 10 unread...

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