Saturday, November 1, 2008

An afternoon with Wish~

On one fine day, was too bored. So asked Wish out for a cup of coffee. But she let me waited for two hours because she went out with her friend to take "something" even though her friend call her later. :P The moral of the story, if you are asking some popular people out, be prepare to wait. ^.^ :P

Anyway back to the story, we dropped by Kow Loon Ice House since it's the nearest place where I drop my brother and his gang in MP and we hadn't tried the place yet before. The place is somewhat your everyday "old town coffee shop" + "ice house cafe". The first part of the menu list the various types of cofee, and the second part is the different types of ice tea and fruit juices. As for food, they have the normal laksa, nasi lemak, curry rice,etcs and breads for snacks.

The Menu

The interior's theme is brown-black-green in colour. More of the oriental design but they don't opt for those white stone slabs that you see in Old Town or Old Taste. Their table is made of solid wood. Lucky we choose the cushioned seats. Otherwise my butt should be hard -.-"... The designs are simple. Outside looking out, you have those kind of kampung wooden house feel whereby the fenced is made of solid wood.

A peep at its interior

Another peep.

And another peep...

Looking out

Since it's 4 something going to 5pm at that time, nearly our dinner time, we din't plan to order food. Then I saw this menu was so special which you don't usually get to try in other kopitiam. Curry Bread! I ordered the white coffee while Wish ordered the mango coffee? Something like that... Heard it was nice. The curry bread came out with a bowl of curry and 3 slices of toasted bread which I thought it's something like the curry wrapped inside the bread. But the curry taste really fragrance!

A bowl of chicken curry?

White coffee

Toasted Bread

I think it wasn't mango coffee, it's something like Mango Choco...

More toasted bread...

Not forgetting, food with beauty works perfect! ^.^

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