Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Photo Session of Accounting Epsilon Student 2

The first photo session was chaotic. Everybody was disorganized and the photo taken out were... You can view it back again here.

Hence, somebody suggested through YM that we should wear either white and pink/red to class the next day so that we can take a better photos. If I'm not mistaken, it was Terence Tan. Because in class he circulate his plan asking us those who wear white to form a circle and those reds stand inside...

So do you know how the photo session ends up? Like this...

It started with everybody was force to go to the President Square to line up under the hot sun. And I meant really hot. You can see the expression of this picture...

Before 08
"Boy it's Sahara Dessert here..."

Before 06
"My shirt is sweating through... Will it makes me even sexier?"

Before 07
"I don't want to leave my things there." "If you bring, the sun might melts it..."

10 minutes, the circle is only half done.

Before 05
"Hey people quick! Why is there another smaller circle there?"

Before 02
"Okay Okay! I'm coming..."

Before 01
"This is so boring. Everybody is so slow. Maybe I should just do the boogey dance while waiting for them."

Before 03
"Nah, back to the line."

Before 09
"What is happening over there? Is there somekind of joke?"

Before 10
"Hey look! We are being photographed!"

Finally, Hurray! We finally made the circle!

Before 11
MMU Accounting Epsilon 2008 Banzai!!!

Suddenly, everybody rush to the monument...

Class photo 2

Lastly,our class photo...

Class photo 1

Yeah! Story ended. I know it's kind of lame adding "subtitles below". I've post the photo to most of the people. Whoever have not got it please email me.

Currently, I'm making a photobook which consists of 6 pages only. I would like to invite all of you to send me your best group photos to me so that I can put in the photobook. This book if actually for my own personal use which I would print out a copy and pass around to be signed by everyone (autograph purpose). However I would also forward a softcopy to everyone (whoever I have their email). If you need a printed of the photobook, you may also order through me. The photobook is printed on Ivory Card laser printed. Price will be confirm once the 1st copy is out. Artwork is fully designed by myself (photoshoped).

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