Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Photo session of 2008 Accounting Epsilon Students 1

This is the scene of our 2008 Accounting Epsilon Students taking their class photos.

The session started with everybody were usher into Studio B and be seated. 3 Professional photographers from Student Publication Board arrived with their "bazooka and shotguns". The atmosphere was chaotic.

First they were pulling each others' hair...

Pull Hair

Hugging each others...


Throwing themselves around?! O.o"

Throw him

Choking and "blek-ing" -___-"

Show tongue

Acting cool and pretty...

The girls

Which eventually everybody ends up tired...


But suddenly, the door opened...and a handsome guy came in?

Look right

...Owh! She fainted...


Bah. It's just the wind blow...

Finally, we manage to take our pictures and it turn out like this...

Campaign 2

MMU 2008 Acconting Epsilon Students! Banzai...

Hey wait a minute... What are the back guyz doing? Are they campaigning for elections? O.o"

Campaign 1

End of Day 1 photo session. Boy that was stressful. :P But FuN! ^>^

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