Friday, June 12, 2009

Shana Steals My Him Heang Biscuit

Been busying the last few days with my exams and got a Hang-Over after my trial. O.o" Life's tough and it sux. But can't help it. I haven't got the mood to post any writting for the last few days and I haven't even touch my LX3 since then.

After one week and I'm back here!! Hahaha... While browsing through my photos I noticed that some uploaded pictures have not been written up. So I decided, my Shana is changing her favourite food from the usual melon-pan to our famous Penang Him Heang Biscuit!

Actually my friend went over to Penang for a few days holiday. Thus, I asked her to order some of their local delicacies. When I got it home, Shana just couldn't stand still and were so excited to try out the biscuit.

The biscuit in Hokkien we usually call it Tau Sar Piah (豆沙并) or literally translated Bean Paste Biscuit. This prompted me to wonder, why westerners made more breads and easterner make more biscuits! Have you ever thought of that?

"Boss ist still thinking/dreaming there. Steal one to eat" - Shana

"Mmmm... Yummy! It looks so big. Bigger than my head! I wonder if I can finish it or not"

"And it's heavy too! It sure have alot of beans inside."

"I hope it taste better than Melon-pan"

*Bite! Munch~ Munch~*

"It taste sure good. With green bean taste, slightly sweet abit. Yummy!"

"Eat some more! This is delicious! ^.^ " - Shana

"Hey why so many biscuit had been missing! Who stole it arh?" - Shinky

"Shh.. Don't tell boss I took it. :P " - Shana

I heard there are other similar baker who bake this nicer. One day I should take a few days leave and go over Penang for a Holiday. ^.^

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