Saturday, September 13, 2008

刘力扬's 眼泪笑了 MV

It's been awhile since my last post. Though many things had happened. Most of them are work related.

Last week, Nyok Foong just send me some songs. Along with them is this 刘力扬's 眼泪笑了. Din't really paid much attention on it though I even hear her sing during our Karaoke session with Maureen them last friday. But when I was resting after my work one night, I overheard this song played in my desktop with full bass. Straight away, I falled in love with the song. Her voice is definately in other words, nice!

Downloaded the lyric and played a couple of time every morning. Determine to learn to sing it, so hopefully during my next Karaoke Session with my friends I can add another song to my singing list! ^.^

Below is the MV from Youtube. Enjoy!

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